BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just Joshua!
Really don't need much else.
Just Joshua is about all the canine companionship one needs.
In the mood to hang out after the holidays?
Joshua's ready, willing and able!
How about traipsing across a cold, wet bridge?
He'd be happy to oblige.
Just be prepared for some squirrel "hunting".
He'd be all over it!

Maybe meander about searching for some tasty leaves?
 Josh can dig that too, plus he's an expert stalker
 of large game, like lions, bear and.....frogs.
(I had a little trouble convincing him the frogs
were "some place warmer" right now)
Josh got into this "wilderness hike" <(NOT)
a little too....much, I think!

 In survival mode, so LEAVES were the snack du jour

 Man-dog vs. Wild? Grrrrr.

Whaddaya mean the water's 45 degrees?

He even had Blue convinced there were FROGS in that creek

Josh, I said, we're like 15 minutes from the 'burbs!
Just chill! How about we go to the house and
 get in front of a nice fireplace and have some beef stew?
I just wasn't gonna win this time. 
Somehow, we were going to do this his way.
Climbing hills and all.

Joshua's "what are you talking about?" look
Scrambling up the steep hill like a real rock-climber

NOW what?

Josh, that's just an acorn rolling around!


this black snowman design on his left flank! No--really!
Do you see it? Head, middle, lower section...Oh, so cute!
Back to the boonies...
Was there anything that he didn't want to do? Nope.
Joshua was a fine partner in bushwhacking
 the suburban WILDERNESS.
His face says, "awww stop", ^^but I think he liked that hug!
He seemed to think he had to be serious about
this back country thing.
All kidding aside, Joshua was definitely
a sweet, polite and compliant fellow.
Good in the truck, on the leash and everything in between.
He has some fears. Seems certain folks
and even the occasional canine can stir up a growl
or a nip into the air. I found that when he
focused on me, he could be easily
distracted and settle down amazingly fast.
The two times he got riled,
he cooled down in less than 15 seconds.

What an enjoyable dude.
Just Joshua.
He'll be waiting for someone to take him home,
even if it's the SUBURBAN JUNGLE.
Any chance YOU might want to be on the other end of that leash?

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