BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Rock on a hike


Havin a little rawhide on the rain-soaked deck
Exploring the yard with THAT NOSE!

Rainy days were meant for hiking with Rock. This enthusiastic hound/terrier mix was a blast to be with on this cloudy and drizzly day! I was a little hesitant about heading out in wet weather with a dog I don't know well, but approaching Rock's "apartment" in the Pine Street shelter changed my mind. He looked ready for anything--his soft, smiling eyes seemed to tell me we would do just fine.
He seemed a little shy about hopping into my camper, so I lifted him into it, which he thought was just the opportunity he needed to give me a sloppy kiss! He rode nicely in the truck without incident. Back at the house he was instant buddies with my dogs, never showing any sign of dominance nor aggression.

Lets go!

Our hike was awesome! Rock has some great energy....and he had a nose that wouldn't quit! The hound in him was such a strong part of his personality-he really could not stop sniffing all the new smells of the outdoors. He and Callie (another hound, and therefore nose-dog) joined forces locating some interesting finds, including a deer antler left on a stump. Whoever left it there, thank you! They couldn't quite figure out where the rest of the animal was, but they gave it a good old hound try! They were like two little kids discovering a treasure chest in the sand! Rock cooperated well on leash, though he seemed a little timid with us humans. I am wondering if there was an overly stern previous "companion" to make him so hesitant (only once in a while) or if he was just plain polite!
Hiking and "holding paws" with Blue
The hounds became such sweet friends!
A visit to the creek
Rock really loved to lick my chin and wag that white-tipped tail of his!
No dog has a better sniffer!

I really didn't want to end this visit. He was such a loving, curious and sweet dog. I enjoyed sharing a ton of kisses and hugs with him. Since he is young, he has plenty of years to spend with the right human companion. He certainly deserves a fine home with plenty of opportunities to use that nose and wag that adorable long tail. Come and visit him, or even better--take him on a hike like I did. There is a HIKING NOTEBOOK at the Pine St. location with all the dogs that have been taken out through my program. Or you can also e-mail me at to get involved.

Rock really is a great hiker, and I bet he is wonderful in many other ways as well. He needs a good human companion, maybe you?

Wishing he didn't have to leave the "trail of scents”