BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Day 2011

'So, how did you spend your New Year's Day?'
A question that will be asked few times
 at the office tomorrow. "Oh," I'll say,
"just did the usual, ya know..."
It's easier that way.
I was supposed to clean the kitchen, take the ornaments off
the tree, grocery shop, pay bills,
 and vacuum out the truck. <(personal fave) 
All after sleeping in til 10, a quiet leisurely breakfast
 without critters around
 (I'm talking about the two-legged male types)
and cracking open that new book I got for Christmas.
Trouble is, I happened to walk by Gabe and Five-0 the day before.
They hang out at Pine Street SR with a
bunch of canine friends of mine.
Here they are and a few others who we got to know on New Year's Day.



FIVE-0 (w/ Rumi)


...and BESSIE!

Course, there are many other pups at the shelter.These are just the ones who got their names pulled out
of the treat bin this time.
They were a fun bunch.
Even when they had to chill on Highway 44 for about 20 minutes
at a dead standstill.
Major accident which took place JUST as we all left
Jefferson Avenue heading out to Castlewood.
Traffic rapidly returned to "usual" once he took charge of triage.
Though FIVE-O got involved too.

She and Rumi "policed" the scene and before you could say "LEFT LANE CLOSED", these two had us out of that mess in no time and soon on the hilltop. (BTW, we hope no one was seriously injured).

READY TO GO...and Janet likes things
to run smoothly!
She and her new friend
Schmitty were all about
gearin' up and
 movin' out!
Janet has a roomie named Jane....Doe.
They are so comical together...they really enjoy each other's company, and seemed to share a bond with some new
Heather and Schmitty.

Jane Doe is very soft and loving!
Janet Doe is such a darling!

Barbi found Gunner to be a perfect match for Delorean.
 These two took less than 
one tail wag to hit it off!
 Seems these guys discovered
their NEW best friend in each other. Like a left and right shoe,
they complimented each other perfectly.
 Kinda cool that 1/1/11 became a day for a group of
 hikers and canines longing for a bit
of NEW companionship to
 be able to spent the first day of the NEW Year
doing just that.

Awww, GUNNER!!!

Cute and compact Delorean

So we are havin some fun, enjoying the overlook,
and along comes a nice couple who appear camera-savvy.
Coercion became enticement
with a little soft soap.
 (They were offered a discount on a shelter dog for their
assistance with some photographic skills,
 but they apparently thought we meant
they could have ALL the dogs, not just ANY they smiled and
just kept trekking...)
Anyway, Bessie (right there in front^^)
seemed to be full of great energy, which is just
 what Dawn a free

THIS IS BEFORE THE KISSES--afterwards would have been, well,
let's just say..... WET.
Drying off a little

Bessie, being the sweet and charming spotted beauty she is,
spent some time on the deck above the "Killer 192".
(Steps we climb down, then up, then down again...for some reason)
This is where she discovered HER New Year's new friend,

Now Gabe isn't just an ordinary dog, in fact, he has some
 fabulous chill~ability.
When he thought time looked right, he took a few minutes to...

..."DO the VIEW"
as I like to call it.
 (He will be spotlighted on this blog very soon--keep half an eye open!)
So back to our Police Woman, FIVE-O (not quite Angie Dickerson,
 but...definitely as intelligent).
(If you are wondering what the theme is here, I am really not sure.
 It may be something related to the highway mess at the beginning.)

Rumi made a New Year's friend this fine day, too.
Five-0 was so well-behaved,
so willing to be an attentive hiking companion!
Rumi is a petite woman--don't get me wrong--
she's definitely athletic and capable--
just petite! Five-O is...NOT petite.
This was not an issue, because Five-O is just one of those dogs
 that understands her role with humans.
Rumi was totally thrilled to enjoy a hike with her.
Unfortunately, the trail ended
way too soon.

Seems like the end always comes too soon
I always regret this part.
I have to come to an endpoint,
 just like the hike.
So, here's a few extra photos
so I can keep going....and you can keep smiling.....

Join us sometime 

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  1. Incredible looking dogs. Absolutely Gorgeous. Thanks Donna! The doggies love you :)