BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Betty Boop--she has all the appeal of the original! 

"Poop Poop Pee Doop"
   If there's a more tolerant and understanding female at Stray Rescue, show her to me! Betty Boop, a one to two year-old terrier mix, showed us what a great friend she is to her roomie, Octane (see article on him 9/26) as we chose to take the pair hiking on this gorgeous fall day. She was quite the companion--willing to wrestle, chase and of course hike with Octane as well as two of our dogs. Though the first half of the hike she required one of my sons (much stronger than I) to be her "hiking partner", she slowed down to a more gentle, natural pace without the pulling so often seen by dogs who've had minimal training on a leash. She seemed to know what her human partner wanted of her...she was cooperative and totally a mature girl--a people pleaser if I have ever seen one. And though she may look like a fullback, she acted like a petite princess! How I would have loved letting her off leash to run and explore....(BTW, that is NOT ALLOWED!)

Betty Boop was such a people pleaser (with my son Andy)

Wrestling with her roomie, Octane

During our adventure on the trails, she was more interested in the dogs and humans in her presence than her woodsy surroundings (even the toad didn't hold her attention) but I believe this to be because she REALLY IS a companion and is willing to go ANYWHERE she can with others! I am certain that the special someone(s) who is fortunate enough to adopt her--and give her that love she is CRAVING--would be able to stimulate her interest in the outdoors. She was definitely alert and active. Not the pace of her buddies, but she's a big girl, and I believe just a bit below the bar on prime physical conditioning! (That can be remedied!)

"A toad....ummmmm.....OK??"
   Betty Boop's nature is so personable....I think the more people in her life, the better! Thank goodness--for now--she can be entertained by Octane (AND WOW! IS HE EVER ENTERTAINING--SEE MY WRITE-UP ON THIS BUNDLE OF FUN!). Knowing she has him in her "room" made taking her back to Pine Street a bit easier. Please check her out if you want to have PURE CANINE LOVE!

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