BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Sunday, September 12, 2010

OSCAR P.....the "P" must stand for PERFECT!

In the creek --isn't he gorgeous?
Tethered to the MASTER HIKER, Blue
I couldn't help it!
    If there is one thing I do know when I see it, it's a great dog. Oscar P, a black lab/terrier mix about 1.5 years old, could be a companion for so many different types of humans! But he really has one very obvious talent--hiking and trail running! I always get a kick out of going down to see Tammy at the Pine Street location on the weekends--(she is in charge of the day shift and helps me choose an eligible dog)--as we walk along and find just the right one to scoop up and load into my truck. She wasn't sure Oscar would work out, especially with my other dogs--but HE CERTAINLY DID! (Thanks Tammy for your insight)

Alert and curious
I don't need to say anything here!
     Anyway, he hopped right into the back seat and put those big black front paws on my center console (do dogs know about ridin shotgun?), and away we went to meet the crew back home. He made me laugh as he saw himself in the rearview mirror--tilting his head to one side pondering--what's that cool-lookin black dog doing inside that little rectangle staring back at me?! Oscar was happy to have some fun with my heelers in the back yard--running and chasing, sniffing and exploring for a good half hour. He was gentle and friendly to all the dogs. (I do feel he has a dominant side (and is a bone holder--see below), so perhaps he should be a solo companion or a second dog to one that is easy going/beta is advisable--but that is JUST MY OPINION!)
     Off to the trail we went, and again he rode well in the truck, no gross vomit or other body liquids/solids to deal with (I hear stories from friends with dogs who DO NOT do well in autos.) Oscar P loved every minute of our two hours in the woods, ESPECIALLY THE CREEK! A true lab--down in any water I would let him into. He never pulled hard, just felt politely firm and focused on moving. A bit of trail running was even more his style, so let it be known right here that THIS DOG IS AN OUTDOOR MASTER! I have no idea if he ever had any prior chances to be out in the sticks, but he sure seemed comfortable. He stopped for sounds in the trees and hillsides (wonderfully curious), and was obedient when he was asked to wait off the trail while other hikers needed to pass. He "held hands" with Blue really well--it's a method I use when I feel that the dog I hike with will attach to (through trust) one of my dogs, as Oscar P did with my dog, Blue.

Sweetly sniffing a caterpillar on a log!
     The down time back home was sweet. Oscar P took his rawhide bone inside some of my 3-4 foot tall perrennials and chewed himself into a nap. When he woke, he hopped up, revealing his necklace of greens he had wound around himself! Still a bit of puppy in that boy, for sure!!He wanted to go back inside the house to see the other canines, and again he showed polite behavior indoors. Here he is looking in the back door--so cute!
Can I go inside again?
Yes we have a baby pool.
     Well, needless to say, I did not want to take him back to Stray Rescue. As a child, I brought MANY dogs home begging my parents---"PLEEEEASE can I keep him, pleeeeease?" (So far I have won on five, currently--as an adult!). This guy could have been number six. But, I know Oscar P deserves a different companion, and, if you hurry, he could be yours! I don't think he will be without a best friend for long. Check him out at the Pine location (downtown) if you are seriously looking for a great canine pal, OR I WILL!

A BONE HOLDER (I made this up!) is a dog that really doesn't want to chew the bone, but it is a symbol of status (til later when the chewing time is right). He will prance around and let others see the bone, maybe lay the bone down in front of him while he naps, etc.
A BONE WARRIOR is a dog that actually defends her bone with some serious barking, growling or even fighting.
BTW, a dog can go back and forth on these bone labels. I have BONE WARS in my house allllll the time!  :o)


  1. As an SR volunteer who has met the dogs you write of, this makes me just about want to cry. Keep picking the cream of the crop. (Good luck, our crop is just about ALL CREAM!)If Octane or Boogie aren't already adopted by the time you return,(and they probably will be), either would be a wonderful, medium or medium-to-high energy, attentive hiking companion.

  2. I was wondering why he looked so pooped on Sunday night when I seen him! He didn't move much when I was there!

  3. Glad he was worn out! I will look for Octane and Boogie, if they are there. Thanks