BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Octane--oh yeah!

Body of steel!

Face full of grass and plant matter

So, is there any way I can properly describe Octane to the readers...hmmmmm. ACTION! Yep, ACTION! He has the perfect name....though I would add "higher" to Octane--like the more expensive gasoline at the pump. He runs at a different pace than most of us humans, unless you are a high energy sort--perhaps a high school cross-country runner, or a tri-athlete, actively involved in competitions....or maybe a greyhound in a past life. In all seriousness, Octane is a darling! He does have a ton of ENERGY (AND I WOULD HATE TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH HIS CARBON OFFSETS) but if you have a sense of humor, he is the perfect companion! He made my family laugh over and over!
Max chasing Octane-eventual creamery butter
As I introduced him to everyone, he immediately fell for Max (another dog with the RIGHT NAME), my son's blue heeler--age one. They were like two halves of a lightening bolt! The two of them ran around and around and around the garden area til they became BUTTER .....Perhaps it was the similarity in energy level, or their ages--Octane is also one year old--but wow did they get along perfectly. I do think Octane needs an active canine buddy to jostle and chase--he has a best friend named Betty Boop (see yesterday's posting) who joined us this day for our hike and she does just that.

Octane and his Stray Rescue pal, Betty Boop
So off to the trail we went--Octane, Betty Boop, Max, Blue, my sons Andy and John and of course me. I was more of an observer this time--some picture-taking and some laughing as I watched Octane run my boys up and down trails, in and out of the creek, and across a nearby field. If there was ever a dog I wished I could let loose to run free, it was Octane. Knowing that he could get away brought me back to my senses, and at least my sons could keep him happy running at a good pace. He certainly was cooperative considering his level of activity and interest in the new natural surroundings. He had to roll on his back several times and get that woodsy, outdoor scent all over himself--pur pleasure. Octane had a sweet disposition and a softness that made him so huggable! He clearly could use some beefing up, though I am sure he has been gaining some of the weight he needs while at the Pine Street shelter. (I watched him eat before we left and yes--the food was gone in seconds flat!) One of the softer moments on our hike was when he found a toad near a tall hickory tree. He was absolutely hilarious as he tried to figure out THAT little guy! He also tried to eat him...(I will say this pup has an oral thing going on. He did some chewing in the back of my truck, and it wasn't a chew toy he "damaged"--just a warning to that potential human companion!)

  Enjoying the field with John

Hey you!

Andy and Octane
Well, as I said, Octane has ENERGY. He is cute, comical and sweetly soft. His right ear likes to bend backward alot--making him seem even sillier! I have heard he was a "resident" at Gasconade before arriving at Pine. I cannot imagine how miserable he may have been--thank goodness he will be able to become someone's best friend instead of the likely demise he would have experienced.  :(
If you or someone you know wants to have alot of fun and share alot of years with this really awesome guy, come by Pine Street and see Octane. He may be just the right buddy for you.
Will you be the pal Octane needs?


  1. Octane is good at adapting to different circumstances, though! At an adoption event I took him to, he lay down and relaxed. He has also attended a country club dinner! He pretty much loves all the people and all the doggies and is a perfect dog! Thanks so much for taking him hiking and showing off this fabulous dog!

  2. I agree with you Jane--I can see him adapting...he seems to sense what the human wants of him.