BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LUDWIG, the Gentleman

So we go on this group hike and I take
 four of the dogs from SR out to Castlewood Park in my truck
[which was quite the ride :-)]
and I have Rumi there to help take LUDWIG.
I didn't want to overwhelm her (we had never met in person.)
He is so cool sitting in his crate
in one of the smaller rooms at Pine  
with his compact and stocky build.
His white paws and markings on his chest give the appearance of
 formal attire.
He has this poker face as she walks him outside and well,
 Rumi is quite petite.
 I am thinking...
is this going to work? Is he going to willingly sit quietly in her car? Will he pull her tiny person all over that trail? 
I realize I really didn't know Rumi OR
Ludwig very well.
Rumi and I are FB friends via Stray Rescue
 and both fairly new volunteers.
Ludwig was a request from another volunteer-Joe-who has one of those
GIANT hearts for rescued dogs.
He sent me a message asking if there could be any chance in the future,
 would I take Ludwig hiking sometime. He was involved with rescuing him from the city pound, and they became special buddies. 
I asked Tara immediately and she agreed Ludwig would do just fine.
So he joins us.

Ludwig is absolutely perfect on the ride from downtown to Castlewood
--about a 30 minute drive--in a car with someone he does not know.
He also behaves when the two of them must wait
 for all the commotion to settle as the rest of us arrive
and go through introductions.
He remains quiet with Rumi until we are ready to head to the trail,
LUDWIG and Rumi chillin on the trail
and becomes our "man in the back".

Our active pack is like a little army moving with persistence and purpose.
I look back and there's Ludwig,
 walking like a GENTLEMAN in a formal tuxedo.
Rumi tells me how wonderful Ludwig
handles himself on the leash.
 How he is not yanking or forcing her to submit into a gallop. 
He seems to know when it is time to rest. He doesn't press the issue,
 but when we all stop for a water break,
The other dogs take a second to drink but are unable stand still.
They cannot resist sniffing or playing with one another...
Ludwig seems to know when it's the right time.
And he always looks so suave.

So we venture down the big cliff negotiating a long set of steps.
Ludwig sees other dogs and humans hugging the rail
 so as to give us room to pass.
He's cool.
Smooth and polished.
No big deal.
When his hiking buddy is ready to roll, so is Ludwig.
If I bend down to kiss that irresistible face,
I am covered with licks and a cute little wag of his tail.
He knows we're beside him.
He just has alot of things to ponder as he moves along the trail.
An introvert and worldly thinker, perhaps.
In a tuxedo.
Hey Joe, thanks for the suggestion.
LUDWIG deserved a day out.

He also deserves a HUMAN COMPANION!
However, that someone better be ready
to spend time contemplating the galaxies,
 Newton's law of motion, E=mc2....
and get some better apparel.
Downright chick magnet he is.
So.....why not consider him as your best friend?

Ludwig, a two year old fabulous guy
 rescued from the city pound,
 currently resides at the 2320 Pine Street Stray Rescue Shelter.
 He wants to go to his forever home.


  1. Donna, love your blog on Ludwig. He is a "true" gentleman. I just knew you and your other hikers and dogs would LOVE Ludwig. Ludwig (LUG or Luddy what I personally call him) has a GREAT demeanor about him. He is such a SWEET boy and a GENTLE walker on the leash. For those who do not know him, you MUST pay him a visit and give him a chance to find his "forever" home. Cute face and just LOVE those ears. Also Donna, thanks for mentioning me in the blog, appreciate the "kind words" truly looking forward to joining the next hike. Take care, Joe

  2. Ludwig is so awesome! He needs a home:)