BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


ABOVE: Captain and Speckles
Below: Gigi

So it's like 65 degrees and the holidays are nearly upon us. Really. Potential upcoming stress, perhaps?
Well, a few of the adventurous dogs at Stray Rescue helped Rumi, Barbi and I realize that the STRESS STUFF is really just in our heads.
If we needed a pre-season pick-me-up, this hike was the answer.
Three PERFECT canines were our Sunday medication.
First, there's Gigi.
I say first mainly because, well, to put it bluntly, Gigi is aptly named. She is a runway model, a famous actress, a gregarious hostess of a gala event! AND she LOVES the LIMELIGHT, of course! So she MUST be numero uno, Daaaaling!
Though she looks so pensive in this photo, she really is more of a fun-loving, goofy, affectionate stuffed animal-comes-alive type. Gigi is downright jovial! (BTW, she thinks she is a LAP DOG!!) Her hiking buddy Barbi, a SR volunteer--who is just crazy about her--had suggested Gigi as one of the dogs eligible for a day out on the trail! And it is easy to see why!
The pensive look is one of her best model poses!
 in green (collar), no? (YES!)
Taking a break by the Meramec with Barbi

Gigi was a great part of our team. She adjusted so easily to everything. And she loved being outdoors. She loved this hole in a tree! She loved being with PEOPLE even more.

Not only is she all of the above, but she has some other key qualities:
* Rides well in the car
* Neither timid nor aggressive with any humans even total strangers (as well as canines)
* She seems to be ultra-social
* Well-behaved and willing to please her companion
* Energy level in the normal range--not too much and not too little! 
* Did I say adorable yet?
Click here to consider Rent-a-Pet with Gigi!! Fun way to have an adoptable dog for a couple days (usually weekends).

Next: Captain!
Now, he wouldn't appreciate coming before any of the ladies here, but since he was our only male, I want to focus on him a bit. He truly is a gentleman. He displayed enough gentle strength and notable regard for all of us, that he reminded me of Gregory Peck in "To Kill a Mockingbird"--I AM SERIOUS!
He seemed to understand what the day was ABOUT--why we were there on a trail. He had a wise and confident air about him and a softness similar to a fleece blanket. His beauty reminded me of a lion.
He was also very attentive to the ladies, and was an easy partner for Rumi. Not much pulling, no trouble with control. He did lose some of his breakfast in the back of her car, but she thinks it may have been the long ride (35 mins one way) and somewhat bumpy action of her Jeep.
Strong and beautiful
Attentive and alert
Cooperative and gentle with Rumi
Need I tell you he is a fine looking guy?
Convinced, yet?

On the trail, Captain was agile and robust. He appeared to prefer being in back, letting all the ladies walk ahead, while he took the lookout position. A cautious and careful lab mix, he seemed to make observations before making decisions. Observant and watchful. Nice.
Now, Third, but NEVER last--SPECKLES!Not many faces have the features of this delightful lady! I had noticed her in the background in one of the apartments at Pine. She seemed a bit shy in her apartment, but curious,soft and warm. She was mine for the day and I loved the entire hike with her! All around steady. All around easy. All around funny! At the beginning of the hike, she found a soft pile of dirt, and gave us a sweet moment of hilarity!


If you look at this lovely girl up close, you will find several dozen spots--mostly the size of coins--all over her skin. A few actually color the hair dark, but as you can see, she is primarily white. Lovely, short-haired coat of marshmallow white...with a tiny mustache (only female I know that looks just fine with one!). As we hiked, I loved watching her twisty-bent ears bounce up/down...up/down--it was fun to kind of pace myself with the little bloop-bloop-bloop of those dainty flaps!

She was ideal as a dog partner. Speckles was not a puller; she was quiet and composed and attentive to her human companion at all times. Like the others, she did not freak at passers-by, not even cyclists zooming around us. Though she was not as outgoing as Gigi (but then I can't imagine any dog as congenial as Gigi!!) she held her own with all of us--giving an adequate dose of tail wagging, smiling and kissing--and did it with grace. Since I have been using a bit of a Hollywood angle, Speckles comes real close to a Canine Grace Kelly!

 So sweet and soft, though a wee bit shy
 Introducing her to REAL water (vs. tap!)at the Meramec

Dignified and poised, Speckles is a beautiful terrier mix with a classy style. Guess what? She is available for adoption!

You can check out all of these awesome canine companions on the web or in person!!
2320 Pine Street, near Jefferson, downtown
(And give them kisses from Rumi, Barbi and me!)<3 <3 <3


  1. What a great program! I know the dogs enjoy the fresh air and company.

    My SR Foster and I walk in Castlewood State Park and would love to join you sometime! You can follow our adventures at

  2. Thanks Erika! I love your blog. Your pups are cute! Donna