BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Radish, the tomboy in a basement

Found feral in a basement with her little pups, this shepard mix was nicknamed "Radish" and her babies "Carrot, "Potato" and "Zucchini" (Their basement habitat was reminiscent
 of underground root vegetables, perhaps?!)
I first saw her in the shadows in her apartment
 with roomie 'Crash' a couple weeks ago. She had a timidness that 
could allow her to be easily overlooked
with all of the "unreserved" types at Pine.
This weekend when I approached her, she was more confident. She easily went on lead, and did not pull too hard. Radish was hesitant to enter my truck, but with some gentle coaxing, I gained her trust. She was a fine passenger, too! And at home she was kind to the other canines and
very curious of the indoor and outdoor surroundings. With her remarkable energy, she got along great
with the heelers--chasing
 and playing both in the yard and on the trail.
She was apprehensive towards my sons at first
 but her inquisitive nature couldn't keep her from getting near them,
after a brief period of distant observation.
I was impressed by her boldness despite her cautious manner.  

Curiously watching the dogs in our yard
John gets a sniff of approval
Wondering what is beyond that gate

'Round the fence after Max
A bit reluctant to climb back into the truck camper, Radish
figured everything was cool when the other dogs
 hopped into the cab in front of her.
Trailblazing was a cinch for her! She was such an explorer!
Radish was a tried and true TOMBOY--bushwhackin,
 creek-explorin, log-jumpin daredevil!

Friendly tussle in the leaves
Sniffing everything!
She loved this overturned tree

It was as if she wanted to catalog every scent

Cooperative and responsive, Radish basically did fabulous.
Occasionally she would want to sprint way too fast,
 displaying that zesty drive to move! There was a huge uprooted tree-
after a good 10 minutes, I had to kindly persuade her to keep goin...
she just wanted to sniff that thing forever!

 Radish came back to the house to relax for awhile. She enjoyed
 laying down at my feet and chewing a rawhide.
She rested fairly quietly...I didn't even realize she had dozed off.
 Guess it was all that fresh fall air!

 Succumbed to "fresh air fatigue"

It was simply a lovely day
 of pleasant canine company on and off the trail.
Radish is a sweet, shy girl who,
 even though she came from a 'wild' past,
 will in time be a perfect companion for someone.
She is learning to trust
and coming out of her shell nicely.

Oh so cute!


  1. What a sweet looking girl! She looks like she had a wonderful day. :)

  2. Radish is really beautiful! I am happy she got to have an amazing day. She deserves to have a nice life and hopefully she will get the chance to be a happy family member in a loving home! Donna, you sure are an inspiration.

  3. Thanks Donna for caring so much about these dogs. What you do is son wonderful. They have a much better chance of getting adopted because of you :)