BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Thursday, December 16, 2010

No seriously--this IS AUSSIE!
I usually place a nice close-up of
a beautiful face in the intro.
He has one, believe me.
It's just--well--Aussie is kinda--laid back.
In fact, he is downright "porch dog" material.
Now don't get me wrong, this guy has energy,
and he enjoys hiking very much. He has been hiking on two occasions.
He does very well.
Aussie gets it! He just GETS IT!
You say hike, he hikes. You say chill....well...
you see the "chill" ^^^^
Just ask Allyson! He hiked with her a few weeks ago.
And what a dude! He is an outdoorsy kinda boy.
Aussie could be one of those granola guys with the
dreads, the big wooly sweater,
the beat-up hikin boots.

But he is more! He is also a soft, sweet and gentle
as a spring breeze on the first warm sunny day of the year!
See, Aussie has a delicate quietness about him.
He and I rode together in the back seat after a hike in November.
He didn't care at all that I was taking photos from underneath....
he seemed to be saying, "Whatever, dude.
I'm dreamin up some new lyrics..."
"Yeah, I totally do treats!"
Can't you see this teddy bear lounging on your floor next to the fireplace?
(listenin to a little Jerry Garcia?)
I took him hiking on the Chubb trail. We hit it off
perfectly. He's FINE company.

I really don't think there is a finer looking face anywhere in the doggie world!

Apparently, he is like--easy to deal with at the shelter!
The folks who walk him at Pine agree that Aussie is a boy who has no problems
getting along with people and dogs, but, there is some past info that he may not enjoy little kids. LITTLE KIDS. (Can you blame him?!!) Maybe he just hasn't found the RIGHT kids. Maybe the little kids were not real gentle with him.
So he's a little shy at first. Ever met the "PERFECT" dog?
Maybe he just needs BIG kids.
A fireplace.
Some Grateful Dead.
A pat on the head from a warm hand.
A trail.
Some treats now and then.
A reassuring hug.
Facts: Easy ride in the vehicle. Seems quiet. Not too energetic.
Beautiful. Shepard mix.
 Funky-cool ear thing.Three-ish (therefore not
even a TEENAGER! (ever had a human one? Me too>>Three in fact!)
Neutered. Housebroken. Waiting for you.
I know where you can connect to him on your PC or laptop.

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