BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stray Rescue in the Snow!
There is nothing I can say is
more enjoyable to watch than
DOGS having a blast in the snow!
Our last group hike for 2010, which was
through the beautiful woods in
 Weldon Spring Conservation Area,
 was simply lovely
with some breathtaking views of the Missouri River.
 Plenty of hills and valleys to challenge our six hikers
as well as our adventurous shelter hiker-dogs
 are part of this trail system.
Either the Lewis Trail (8.2 miles) or Clark Trail (5.3 miles)
 will provide a grand experience.
And hiking in winter is awesome--but with SR shelter dogs
 ......and SNOW......PERFECT!
Every time a group of devoted, and--in this case,
somewhat dauntless--SR hiking volunteers
meets at a trailhead,
well--it's ALL ABOUT THE DOGS!
No matter what dog, what trail,
what weather....THEY COMMIT!
AND less than a week before Christmas!
And some of the trail was DOWNRIGHT HAZARDOUS!
This gathering brought together a few "veteran" canines as well as four newbies.
GIGI (posting Group Hike Nov 21),
Our glam girl-GIGI-Miss Hollywood!
Rumi and Gigi loving the snow-covered atmosphere!
She truly is a lovely lady!

CARLOS... who also has been in a couple earlier postings....
Here, having a little refreshment with buddy Ben

One of the"rookies" who hiked was....
Now, this sturdy and strapping fella was simply
the perfect hiking partner for Dawn, a volunteer who
is very devoted to walking the dogs at the shelters.
Knickerbocker seemed to ride well in her car, follow Dawn's lead
without getting forceful or impulsive on the trail,
and other than a few "words" with one of the other pups
(who is a bit too gregarious for most!),
he seemed to handle canine company well.
Though he is quickly becoming a favorite at Pine,
he certainly could make a fine companion for someone in a forever home,
especially if that person enjoys walks, hikes or just getting outside a bit.
He was not AT ALL overactive, and easily
adapted to trail hiking. I hope to get him
out again, unless he gets his forever home before I can!
Here's is his info on the website:

Captain Crunch and Knickerbocker responding to something "out there"


So, another dude who came along for the fun was
Not sure where THAT name came from
 (maybe Randy's breakfast that day??),
 but his hiking partner, Allyson, had fallen in love with his disposition
while she was walking him along with
some of the other dogs there one evening.
She was so excited when we found out he could join us.
I see why!
This brindle colored terrier mix could be described as
mannerly, calm, very gentle, soft and affectionate.
Capt. Crunch is probably the SWEETEST dog I have ever met!!
His past suffering from some kind of abuse 
was apparent, but not to the point of overwhelming him.
 Despite a timid and apprehensive greeting,
he warmed up quickly, and had a dog-smile on that beautiful face
the whole 5.3 mile hike!
He even became a bit spirited and lively!
What a tough guy, to be brave and allow himself to trust.
[It simply amazes me....
dogs forgive humans way way way too easily.]
Captain Crunch rode in my truck--back seat--in fact.
 Forty-five minutes one way.
If only they made CHILDREN this calm and quiet in vehicles!!
Isnt he just lovely?
 Allyson couldn't say enough great things
about this boy. He got along with all the dogs (especially <3 Gigi) and was fine on the leash--only pulling when he was quite excited to see something interesting, as he is doing here with Carlos.

C. Crunch didn't seem to want to leave the trail. :-(
It was difficult to have to end his fun, for THAT day anyway.
But, if you are looking for a dog who's a
10 out of 10 on the perfect scale, well,
can't go wrong here.

One of the females to join us...
Now this sweet thing was quite the character!
Josefina was hiking buddies with Barbi. Even before we left downtown,
 this lovable shepard mix had figured out where doggie treats were kept!
And once she had that on her mind....well....

Basically, she seems to be a confident dog, well-behaved in the car and
fairly easy on the leash. She seems to like some dogs, but not others,
though to be honest, she may just need to warm up to
some personality types before she is ready
to "friend" them!
Josefina "rooms" with Kodi (discussed below) and the
two of them are precious together!
She has a unique coat of hair, which I must say could use
a bit of grooming, but it is fluffy and multi-colored.
Some of it reminds me of Irish setter in that it is red and feathery.
Barbi noted she curled right up
in her car and when she was petted,
she just responded with loving eyes. If Barbi would stop,
Josefina would take her paw and lay it back on Barbi's hand as if to say,
"May I please have a little more?"
This special canine friend can be found at 2320 Pine, looking up
 with a smiling face from within
her apartment.

 And last--but DEFINITELY not LEAST...

My not-so-tiny hiking partner, KODI!
Now, we human hikers attempted to let this guy know we were
not in AVALANCHE territory, and that
there was nothing to worry about,
but Kodi was looking for someone to RESCUE!
 Though there was no barrel under his chin,
he fit the description of a St. Bernard (mix) to a T!
Gregarious, playful, trailblazing Kodi!
Kisses, snuggles and even wiggles of affection!
This young male, approximately one to two years old,
is "all grown up" but still brimming
with puppy personality! He is not shy, and seemed to
"take charge" of matters by giving a "forward march!" now and then!
Not sure if his backpack stirred up the rescue/working dog in him,
but he certainly made us feel safe!
He is a big boy, and pulled me a bit, but he may have also
Kodi learned quickly to respond to my directions for "easy" and "whoa"
 as well as when I would steer him to the side or around others.
 (I know what you are thinking--why is she using
 "horse talk" with a dog?--long story!)
Now Kodi hasn't had much training, but I think he will be an easy learner.
Here he is with the usual affection that is Kodi's--
Everyone wanted to get some that day!
 Of course, Kodi is not hard to find at the shelter!
Again, he rooms with Josefina, and they both love to greet humans...
with every sweet bone in their bodies!

So there you have it! Lots of info on lots of dogs!
 All ready for adoption.
In case you want to see them again before you head down to Pine,

Josefina Marley



Captain Crunch




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