BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dawnie, soft and sweet

DAWNIE, soft and sweet

 She IS perfect

I actually hesitate to introduce her...she is so wonderful--I WANT HER FOR MYSELF!!! (WISH WISH)
I will say I have not had a more PLEASANT hike with a SR dog than with this gorgeous, sweet, intelligent female terrier mix, about 2 years of age! Dawnie's apartment is currently right inside the doors of the Pine Street shelter, so when I walked in this morning, she was looking through the front and, believe it or not, SHE WAS EXPECTING ME! Her eyes said, "Hello, so nice to see you, may we please go hiking now?"
I was thrilled to see how easily she walked with me (with minimal pulling on her part) and jumped into the camper of my truck, as if she's done it before. Even more pleasing was her calm manner and polite behavior on the 30 minute ride to pick up some young friends who recently applied at SR to help hike with me sometimes. Dawnie went to them again as if they were old friends of hers--and, they too melted on the spot!

  Hiking with Laura and Sharday
Tethered (holding paws)
with Blue,master hiker :)
We chose a lovely spot for hiking, and the weather was cool, but not too. The trail is one where traffic can include other hikers, dogs and....cyclists! I have experienced some dogs showing aggression or wanting to chase after mountain bikers (duh--just because!), but not sweet Dawnie! Oh no--she politely stepped aside and allowed those fast and furious dudes to go on by. NO PROBLEM! I must say I felt pride as she was noticed by several different hikers to be so beautiful and approachable. I, of course, cautioned them that she was not mine, and to keep a distance, but Dawnie insisted on wagging and smiling at everyone--except one man. A big, burly red-faced warrior holding a long wooden hiking stick came 'round a corner and stopped to catch his breath just ahead. Immediately Dawnie became alert in posture and expression. She had no intention of letting that guy 'bother' us--her hikin buddies--without her approval first. Once the gentleman spoke in a kind voice, she was again all wags and smiles. Made me and my teen friends truly feel safe. 
Don't need to say anything but: BEAUTIFUL
At the same time, Dawnie was NOT even the least bit aggressive with any dogs, not even mine! She enjoyed the company of Blue on the trail, eventually being his partner-in-hike (something I cannot always feel comfortable doing!). When my friends Laura and Sharday would help walk her, she would listen and OBEY! YES--I SAID OBEY! She further seemed to learn how to follow our queues and negotiate the trail with ease. She would look to Blue for direction. A dog that knows how to work well with others? YEAH!

See what I mean?!
Though we had some fun with a little "toad on the road", Dawnie seemed more interested in the human reaction to it, entertained by our lighthearted laughter, smiling with her gorgeous eyes while she watched us try to hold it still for a photo.

At my house after Steak-n-shake treats with the girls, ("ummmm...plain hamburgers for my two canine companions, please"), Dawnie settled in for a fine rawhide chew. She laid down near Callie the hound and my heelers, never once showing any bone holding or bone warrior behavior. (You'll have to go to an earlier post for my definition of these!!)
She let me pet her ears and back while she --wait--can a dog femininely chew a bone?
 Well, she looked like a proper lady drinking a cup of tea from some delicate English Wedgwood china or something!
Then, the unpleasant part. I had to return her to her place at SR :(
This was MAJOR heartbreak time for me. If I didn't have a house full of canines already, she would have NEVER GONE BACK!
I am serious--this dog is CANINE GOLD!!!
Do you want some GOLD?

With my friend Shashana, who of course fell in love!

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  1. I have spent a lot of time walking with Dawnie. I took her to an adoption event as well. She is an amazing dog. If I didn't have dogs at home, I would have taken her the 1st day I met her. She also loves, loves, loves car rides. Everything you said is so true and more!!!!