BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Thursday, October 14, 2010

An October Day of Romance
Lulu and Hugo

     Lulu and Hugo.....what an adorable twosome! When I talked with Tara at SR on Pine, she suggested that these two would be fun together for a hike with my friend and new volunteer, Sue. Tara was right! They are just a sweet pair who became roomates after Hugo lost his old roomie ( who was adopted).
     Upon peering into their quarters this past Wednesday morning, I found them lovingly sleeping together on the same cot (even though their apartment has two) and said, "Hey--you guys wanna rise and shine and go hikin?" They were up in a flash! Both easily climbed into the camper and wrestled around, and for the most part, stayed out of trouble. We headed over to Sue's and drove west to hike on a lovely day full of fall colors and soft breezes.

They were ready to go!!
As long as Lulu was in front, all was fine!

Lulu was all business and on some kind of mission!
     Though at first Lulu and Hugo JUST WANTED TO MOVE! They did slow their pace--once we figured out Lulu preferred the front (like a lead horse on a trail ride). Hugo was the sniffer and explorer--but Lulu had a purpose other than checking out her surroundings--she was all business! She enjoyed a rest, but never appeared to need one. When I first met them, it seemed Hugo would be the endurance master--but Lulu proved to have the right stuff as well. She is a bit larger than her boyfriend, and has mothered a litter in the past, but she was a trail queen! Built to pull a plow!

     Lulu generously gave us some affectionate moments--you just had to bend over or reach around her soft head and she was ready to smile and plant a not-too-wet kiss on our cheeks. When she wasn't power hiking, she is quite laid back and gentle. You can bet she was a good mother to her pups :)
     Hugo was Mr. Cordial!  Anyone who passed us was greeted by his happy tail and friendly disposition. He seemed to be a magnet for men, as if he was looking for a big brother to bond with. Hugo would just turn towards any man and with his body say, "OK, here I come fella, let's get to know each other!" He is a quite beautiful boy, built nicely and not too large. His color and markings are stunning! Please check out his SR profile pic on the website--beautiful!

Hugo the Handsome
We took a break for bone chewing time, of course

Artistic bone burying

     So even though Sue and I had these trail masters bagging mile after mile, we were able to coerce them into a break at the picnic table on top of the hill. Some rawhide chews were the motivation. They politely dispersed to opposite ends of the hilltop, as if they had this--understanding--like--'stay away I'm busy'--Lulu was totally adorable as she prepared a lovely hole near an oak tree for bone storage. She delicately worked the soil with her nose and paws til it was perfectly arranged, placing that bit of precious rawhide within. Hugo just wanted to carry his leftovers with him! These two made us giggle so many times with their unique personalities and darling faces!

     Due to time constraints, Lulu and Hugo did not get to visit my home or dogs, except of course for Blue, who comes along on nearly all hikes! They seemed to get along pretty well with each other, especially Hugo--again getting in some male companionship, I guess. Those two hopped back into the truck after having their lunch, and they enjoyed a nice nap on the long drive back to downtown St. Louis. They were even pleasant returning into the building, walking right to their apartment (though Hugo tried to bring a toy from the bin in with him!). It was easier than usual to bring them back, since I had them together, and didn't have to face the "roomie that DIDN'T GET TO COME" :(  I always feel a little twinge of guilt when I cannot explain why they were left behind.
     Ya know, it is hard to walk out of the (wonderful) Pine Street shelter knowing there are so many lovely and affectionate dogs just begging for a REAL human companion. I hope at least ONE of these great canine friends I have made and spent some time getting to know has impressed a reader enough to want to reach out with a warm, caring pair of arms and take one home for good. Just look at their faces and think what YOU, reader, are missing.


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