BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Real Danny



You know that young neighbor guy you think of when you need help moving that heavy china cabinet, or  jumpstart the truck in January? The reliable, kind and gentle soul everyone is fond of? Well, turn that genuine-style guy into a dog and you have Danny!
I actually discovered him in his "apartment" one afternoon at the Pine SR shelter--he was playing with his roomate--well, he was tolerating her anyway. She is quite the spitfire, and Danny seemed to know how to keep her happy and at the same time give her boundaries, like a mature older brother. I inquired about hiking with him, and Tara agreed, Danny and I would work well together on the trail. a little backgound I learned--he was one of the dogs rescued from the Gasconade pound. He is about a year old.
So anyway, this weekend I did just that-grabbed him up for a trip outdoors! He was so well-behaved in the truck (such a pleasant ride home!) and courteous at the house. He was not intimidated by any of my dogs, and wasn't uncomfortable in any way.
Not too bold, not at all forceful. Just plain good!

Even the NOSY heelers didn't rile him
He quietly ate his breakfast at the table and said grace at the same time

Danny was polite, waiting patiently to climb into the truck camper; I gave him the "OK", and we were off. He had no trouble catching on at the trail. Blue and Callie led bushwhack-style and even though they often moved ahead, Danny in his easy going way would stop and relish the wonderful scents and good human company. His maturity came through as he observed the other dogs, looking for signals from me, and learning quickly what verbal queues we used to communicate. Smart boy. And, like all happy dogs, Danny took the time to flip over and enjoy a nice scratchin from the leafy earth. He was the PERFECT hiking dog. As we left, I looked at him --behaving so sweetly waiting to get back into the truck--and I thought--NO WAY! We are NOT going back downtown just yet!


So full of happiness  :o)

So off we went to my son's SOCCER GAME!
Hey kids, guess what? DANNY LOVES SOCCER GAMES! He is a great spectator--and quite the social dude! Everyone wanted to meet him! He had this magnetic personality--tail wagging just so....genuine eye contact... soft gentle approach...he even found time to watch some of the game!
And it was at this game that he met a new friend. I knew Danny liked female dogs (that was clear at home with my Callie!) but he fell for a little human friend of mine too.

I know what you are thinking....awwwwwwwwwwwh!
Danny's attentive face when he laid eyes on a new 7-year old buddy
This sweet young lady was all about making friends with Danny! They hung out through much of the game, entertaining each other. She would talk to him, and I believe he understood everything she said! He clearly is a dog that belongs in a family. At the end of the game,  he seemed sad to see her leave, wishing he could have someone like her to love every day. (I have tears in my eyes right now.)
(BTW, I did find out that Danny develops such a close attachment to his human that he does have some anxiety with separation--he had a foster parent who was not home enough to keep him comfortable. I am wondering if a family with another friendly dog, and a human home more of the day would be better for him. He is a loyal type, needing to have his family around to watch over them. Danny is part shepard, and therefore he has a job to do!)

He could have spent the rest of his life sitting at DeSmet with his friend

Yep, Danny really woulld have stayed at the high school if he had known what was next! We headed back to the house for time! He is such a regular guy, though, that the
 finer life of looking good is not high on the list of priorities!
(He doesn't need to worry too much about his looks, does he?)
Despite the sudsy bath (with a hint of pomegranate scent),
he was truly a gentleman--standing still while he was lathered and scrubbed. His fur is lovely--and I never found a hair in the truck, house or on the towel!
It's a rare dog that does not shed, no?

humility at best

Blue was certainly hoping he wasn't going to be next...I am curious what the conversation was between them :)
 After the long day Danny had, I thought he would love to chill a bit on the deck with a nice fresh bone. He stood there and looked at it but didn't know what to make of it. Blue laid down next to him and Danny watched him work on a similar piece of femur (cow leg bone). With me resting next to him, he succumbed to fatigue, laid down and began chewing off some of that tasty marrow. He sure has fine teeth! White as can be! And by the way,
he NEVER showed any bone aggression.

He took a nice little nap on the long drive back to Pine. Rode in the back seat quietly and again without incident. He was so wonderful to have as a companion! I miss him already.
If you, or someone you know is looking for a mix of fine breeds such as those in Danny (lab and shepard)--a dog with known devotion to his human companion, plenty of intelligence, cooperation and willingness to please--this guy is the answer.
Fine, fine boy, DANNY


  1. Thanks Donna for hiking with the doggies. It makes them more adoptable. You rock! I am currently fostering Dawnie and she is doing great. Very loving and comfortable in a family of three small kids.

  2. You are welcome! I love Dawnie--if I didn't have a housefull, she would have moved in with me! There is no sweeter girl that Dawnie! If you ever want some of the pics I have of our hike, let me know! Be sure to send the link to anyone who might be looking at er!!