BLUE, The Master Hiker

BLUE, The Master Hiker

Sunday, October 10, 2010

curious, cautious and compact
FINE dogs come in all sizes, shapes and colors, right? So what is "FINE"? 
To me, a pup with an honest face, polite behavior and friendly disposition, as well as eagerness to please, a decent amount of intelligence and an extra pinch of easygoing manner fits the definition.
So, here you have it--Scout!   

It seemed Scout enjoyed learning how to retrieve a tennis ball that John would throw
at the steps (it would go all directions) and enjoyed being chased by Max even MORE!!!

     This 1-2 year-old compact terrier mix fit right in with all five dogs and the humans too! He seemed to particularly gel with Max--a one year old high energy, carefree heeler who doesn't make friends with everyone. Max can be a difficult pill to swallow, but Scout was totally cool with him and they became instant buds. Scout seemed to really want to hang with him, so Max got to hike with us on this exceptionally warm October morning.
     Scout has a cautious manner--he tends to spook a bit with sudden change or loud noise. Nothing extreme--and it likely would dissipate with time and familiar surroundings. He is a wee bit shy (more with men), though he gets past it in a remarkably short time, as I noticed he did with my oldest son who's a bit big 'n brawny. Once Scout checked Andy out from under the dining room table, he was in his lap in a blink! In fact, once he became comfy with us, the guys (and football) ruled!

     Despite some moaning from the boys, I was able to pry Scout loose and into the truck for a hike. How did he do? HE LOVED IT, OF COURSE!!! I expected nothing less! He particularly enjoyed BUSHWACKING off trail where his sniffer could take in and savor all the scents of the "less travelled zone"--by humans that is....which meant plenty of deer and furbearer hideouts to investigate!
(Isn't his butt actually...cute?)With the warm day, Scout stumbled upon a lone three-toed box turtle sunbathing. The turtle's response was not very cordial, though Scout gave it the ol' canine try, but......... 

     Like for most dogs I know, the creek was perfect for a drink and a dip--and please click on this picture to enlarge it and you will see how beautiful this boy's built! Max and Scout became soaked jostling around in that water, but suddenly, like he knew his time was limited, Scout "got serious" and went back to following his nose. One thing I reallllly liked about him--he seemed to have an adult dog maturity, yet a more youthful playfulness that worked.
His professor look, wrinkled forehead and all!

     Scout was entirely well-behaved, agreeable, loving, easy to handle and....well, a nice size! One of the smaller guys I've had out on the trail, yet he is muscular and well-proportioned. He didn't seem to want to destroy anything in my house, yard or in the vehicle. He sat quietly in the camper and smelled the fresh air through the windows, and wagging at people in other cars!  :)

He was just the right size and calmness to give a really long hug to

     There are always a few special features on the dogs I take on the trails. Some have unusually gorgeous eyes, others win me with a big patch on their back or face. But Scout--well, I'm sure the Stray Rescue staff and volunteers would agree--his bouncy ears and adorable white tail tip are the best! The ears never quit going--like a bobble-head----boing boing boing....and just the very TIP of his tail--only the last dozen hairs are WHITE!
     He currently resides at SR's Pine Street location downtown. Have you seen his picture on the website (which is linked on this blog)? Just click on "Companion Animals for Adoption" and plug in S-C-O-U-T. Absolutely adorable pose! And you know what, he's a keeper. Won't you check him out? He needs a sweet human companion to love--someone who will take him out on the trails or, perhaps, to share a recliner with during a Ram's football game. 

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  1. Scout is an awesome dog! I've walked him a couple of times. So glad he was able to get out, hike, and hang out and be a dog.

  2. Thanks Donna for hiking with the doggies. You have really helped give them exposure to be adopted!